Develop your business on the web

Develop a business on the web by improving its visibility, its conversions and its audience. A successful website, like, must be fluid and optimised to encourage prospects to act: contact, purchase…

To get off to a good start on the web, a good strategy must be put in place. The trick to having a sustainable and effective business is to place the Internet at the heart of your business strategy. If you want to get a good ROI from your web portal, you need to put in place a digital strategy that is tailored to your goals and needs. It can be to increase a turnover, generate qualified contacts…


Solutions at the cutting edge of technology

Web technology provides functionality that determines the aspects of your project. To succeed in a digital project, like, it is best to develop tailor-made solutions in order to obtain a quality product.

Website design

To create a relevant website, you need to reserve a domain name.

Community management

Using a specialised tool to develop and strengthen communities.

Natural referencing

The process of processing, collecting and displaying web content.

Graphic design

There are several graphic creations: flyers, business cards, logo…

Get trained in SEO

SEO training will provide you with all the necessary skills in natural referencing to develop the visibility of your website on search engine results. As an entrepreneur, there are several training courses available online such as HR training, accounting training, web marketing training, community management,…


Give your brand the best visibility

The SEO audit of your website

A successful and detailed SEO audit involves several phases, from the identification of flaws to the installation of the website’s objectives.

Natural referencing

SEO is a lever in digital marketing. This strategy improves the positioning of a site in search engines.

Netlinking campaigns

Use netlinking campaigns to improve your organic ranking. This campaign gives SEO juice to your referencing.

A perfect user experience

User experience design is one of the trends in web design. A good website must be designed to meet the needs of the clients. To do this, it is necessary to identify their problems, to know the audience… The user-centred approach favours project management and their success with users. It should be noted that the user experience is valid for the employee and the consumer.


For a unique brand image

Graphic charter

The graphic charter contains all the rules that each participant must follow to speak on behalf of an organisation.


A logo creation tool uses fonts, vectors and icons to quickly generate custom designs.

Visual identity

Visual identity involves the design of a company’s logo, name, colours, typography, layout and signs.


Lead acquisition on the web

To acquire new customers, you should not neglect the power of partnership, consider strengthening your social media presence, improve your website for search engines.